Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Lemonade

There is nothing like fresh homemade lemonade in the hot summer time...or anytime of year, really! After trying several different recipes, I finally found one that's easy and super yummy!

1 (2lb) bag lemons (about 7 lemons depending on their size)
1 packet of dry lemonade mix
2 cups sugar

Grate lemon zest from one of the lemons into a gallon sized pitcher. Cut lemons in half and juice (or squeeze). I have a handy-dandy juicer that saves my hands from having to do all the work. A bag of lemons should yield about 2 cups of juice.

In pitcher combine lemon zest, lemon juice, lemonade packet, sugar, and about a quart of water. Stir until sugar is dissolved.

Fill pitcher up with water. Pour over ice and serve or refrigerate until chilled.


1 comment:

SnoWhite said...

Girl - this looks delicious. My hubby LOVES lemonade, but I don't know that he's ever had the real thing!! Thanks.